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The Charles Dickens Roadshow

posted by: Quality Resort Bayside on May 8, 2013 8:21:15 AM
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Rare Vintage's 2013 Summer Production is The Charles Dickens Roadshow, a Victorian Musical Comedy devised and directed by Sheila James. The Roadshow celebrates Dickens' North American Reading Tour of 1867-68. The Roadshow appeals to Dickens lovers and haters alike, and even to those who have never heard of Charles Dickens! While waiting for Dickens to show up for his performance, the dysfunctional local Organising Committee of Dickens fanatics covers for him with songs, readings, and unwitting comedy. The Charles Dickens Roadshow was commissioned in 1991 as the opening production of a new theatre in Lac Brome, Quebec, and has since entertained audiences across Canada. VENUE: the Quality Resort Bayside, Dogwood Street, Parksville, BC, from July to August 2013. A choice of dinner theatre or show only is available. Thurs: (Show only) July/18 (8 pm); July/25, Aug/1 (2 pm) Fridays & Saturdays: July/19, 20, 26, 27,August/2,3:    Dinner option (6.30 pm); Show (7.30 pm) Sundays: July/21, 28, August/4:    Champagne Brunch option (12 noon); Show (1 pm) TICKETS (on sale from June/1): Thursdays: $25.20 incl. tax: Show only All other performances:    $30.45 incl. tax: Show only    $60.45 incl. tax + gratutities: Dinner + Show Group rates: (Show only)    - table for 8-10 people: $210 incl. tax (saving up to 30%)    - groups over 10 people (per person): $21 (incl. tax) and    additional dinner option: $30 (incl. tax + gratuities) For cash tickets, visit Cranky Dog Music    (154 Morison Avenue, Parksville). For credit card bookings and parties, 'phone the    Quality Resort Bayside (Tel: 1-800-663-4232 toll-free). Note: Dinner theatre tickets must be purchased at least 48 hours in advance. The show is produced in conjunction with Canadian Actors' Equity Association and Arbutus Events. An Hilarious Evening of Fun !
Marion Scott July 20, 2013 11:29:11 AM

My friends and I went to the dinner and Charles Dickens Roadshow last night and were extremely disappointed.  I don't usually bother to say anything when a meal is not very good, but am making an exception.  Firstly what it stated on the menu was not what we received. Some of us ordered the salmon, some the chicken.  All dishes came with plain white rice, not the rice pilaf the menu stated, and steamed cauliflower, carrots and broccoli.  The salmon was supposed to have a maple glaze.  Everything was extremely bland, very little spice of any kind, no sauces, the salmon was overcooked, the sauce for the chicken was very bland.  I had to keep drinking water while I ate.  This meal was a disgrace, I was very disappointed as I don't have a lot of money and thought this would be a treat, due to the amount of money I was paying.  They did not need a chef to make this meal, I could have done much better myself.  I can say the cake was very tasty, it would have been nice if they had given us a little more than a tablespoon of whipped cream with it.  As for the Roadshow, kudos to the actors, who are very talented and I really appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into doing this.  Unfortunately for them, the play itself is just okay, nothing to rave about, no side splitting humour or anything.  Sometimes I could not understand what was being said or follow it well.  All in all, if it were not for my extreme disappointment in the meal, it would have been an okay evening.  I will not do this again.

Helen Proctor July 20, 2013 10:31:18 AM

Two Thumbs down for the Charles Dickens Roadshow

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